Mozartiana Collection

MOZARTIANA is a collection of oil paintings , drawings and works in mixed technique assembled around the initial original image of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart created by Michael Rogatchi in 1991. Mozart is favourite composer of the artist, and his genius helps Michael to create his works throughout the life.

The original and unique image of Mozart sitting by his back to us, the viewers, but unmistakably recognisable, and emotionally dynamic, has become a modern classic. The artist has developed his original image from early 1990s onward  with many his various Amadeus images in different settings, colour resolutions, and plots, from graphically laconic single figure to a contra-punctual focus of intricate compositions. This unique Amadeus image created by Michael Rogatchi is highly critically acclaimed.

Practically all of the works depicting various versions of the Rogatchi’s Amadeus were exhibited very successfully in many of the artist’s shows world-wide.

A special Mozartiana exhibition curated by Inna Rogatchi is planned due to many invitations.

Majority of the works from this rare collection belongs to many leading cultural institutions, including museum in New York, and notable private collections, including Italy, France, the UK, Israel, Finland, Austria and the other countries.

Amadeus. Pencil, Indian ink on cotton paper. 15 x 13 cm. 1991. Rogatchi Art Collection.
Mozartiana by Michael Rogatchi . Exclusive Art Poster. 2021.
Amadeus. Star Rain. Oil on canvas. 110 x 90 cm. 2008.
Amadeus Touch. Indian Ink, oil pastels on dark-blue cotton paper. 42 x 50 cm. 2012. Private collection, London,  United  Kingdom.
Mozart. Andante. Concerto No 17 in G Minor. ( Portrait of the Artist’s Wife Inna Rogatchi). Oil on canvas, 54 x 56 cm. 2005. The Rogatchi Art Collection.
Amadeus. Rondo. Oil on canvas. 60 x 54 cm. 2007. 
Amadeus Dimension. Indian ink, oil pastels on dark-blue cotton paper. 35 x 50 cm. 2015. Private collection, Florence, Italy.
Amadeus. Night. Variation II. Pencil on white cotton paper. 20 x 15 cm. 1997. The Rogatchi Art Collection.
Nissan Rose. Indian Ink, oil pastels on dark-blue cotton paper. 40 x 60 cm. 2015. The Rogatchi Art Collection.
Mozart. Melody. Sonata in B flat Major K.281. Oil on canvas. 60 x 65 cm. 2017. Private collection, Vienna, Austria. 
Amadeus Flight III. Pencil on cotton paper. 30 x 40 cm. 2021. Private collection, Vienna, Austria.
Amadeus. Symphony of Joy. Indian ink, oil pastels on  blue cotton paper. 70 x 50 cm. 2012. Private collection,  France. 
Amadeus. Ultima Credo. Indian ink, oil pastels on dark-blue cotton paper. 35 x 50 cm. 2015.
Melody for Two. Indian Ink, oil pastels on violet cotton paper. 50x 35 cm. 2011. Private collection, Finland.
Divertimento II. Oil on canvas. 90 x 60 cm. 2013.
Amadeus Night I. Indian ink, oil pastel on dark blue cotton paper. 46 x 80 cm. 2012. Private collection, Florence, Italy.
Divertimento III. Indian Ink, oil pastels on dark-blue cotton paper. 20 x 30 cm. 2013.
Divertimento I. Oil on canvas. 90 x 60 cm. 2012. Permanent Art Collection, New York  Jewish Children’s Museum, New York, USA.
Amadeus. Eine Kleine Nachtmusic. Indian ink, oil pastels on dark-blue cotton paper. 35 x 50 cm. 2015.
Amadeus Rose. Pencil on cotton paper. 30 x 40 cm. 2014.
Amadeus. Le Nozze di Figaro. Oil on canvas. 62 x 56 cm.  2015. Private collection, Vienna, Austria.
Amadeus Touch. Variation III. Indian Ink, oil pastel on Italian hand-made dark-blue cotton paper. 35 x 50cm. 2019-2020. Private collection, Jerusalem, Israel.
Amadeus Rose. Indian ink, oil pastels on dark-blue cotton paper. 21 x 30 cm. 2017. The Rogatchi Art Collection.
Amadeus Waltz. Indian Ink, oil pastels on blue cotton paper. 35 x 50 cm.2018. Private collection, Rome, Italy.
Amadeus. Exclusive print of Limited Edition of 50.