Michael Rogatchi (C). Amadeus. Star Rain Oil on canvas. 120 x 100 cm. 2008.

” To me, art is a constant search for meaningful harmony, an accord of knowledge, labour, imagination and finesse.

Michael Rogatchi


Artist’s Statement

Thanks to my mother, I have started to draw since I was a six-year old boy who loved football and other vivid sport games in a company of many active friends. Mom’s idea was to calm me down by making me think, imagine, create. The first subject which I drew was an apple which my Mom has put in front of me on my first-ever drawing session. That apple has become my artistic logo and is with me all my painting career. With years of my travelling through the land of art, my subjects, focuses and techniques have been changing. Not that often, but in a certain rhythm. What stays as a stable element in what I do is my curiosity on how to translate the most subtle, inner human emotions onto canvas or paper. If by doing this, I succeed in creating an original image, I consider it as a gift and luck. And I am ever grateful to many of those people who are interested in what I do.