Take Eight. Tribute to Jazz: Oil Paintings


TAKE EIGHT. Tribute to Jazz is a special composition of oil paintings created by Michael Rogatchi in his reflection to the world of jazz which he loves and knows well. He also understands the very tissue of jazz himself playing several instruments, piano, accordion and guitar. The artist started to work on Take Eight which is an artistic paraphrase of famous Take Five jazz composition in 2019 and worked on in for two years, 2019-2020. Michael Rogatchi has a vision for some of his compositions of paintings – like his famous BOLERO, 2000-2020 – when its own world develops and grows on from a central piece. In the case of Rogatchi’s Tribute to Jazz, such centre-piece is Take Eight large oil work where entire jazz-band is present, each with a distinct character, but importantly, playing in harmony which makes us love jazz and being attracted to it magnetically. Then, in the following art pieces, the artist elaborates on each of the musicians present in the centrepiece. Not surprisingly, all of the art works from this composition bears the names of famous jazz compositions. One of them, Almost Blue ( 2019), is a homage to Chet Baker, Michael’s favourite jazz musician. The works of this composition are executed in bright colours corresponding to the vibrating character of sound in jazz. Vibration of emotions evoked by the best of jazz is evident in this Michael’s work full of original , memorable images and bearing this unique quality of his works on music when we are almost hearing it coming from his canvases. 

Additionally ot Take Eight composition ( 2019-2020), the other Michael’s oil paintings dedicated to jazz are present on this page, some of them are in notable private collection in Italy and Finland. 

Special international touring exhibition of Michael Rogatchi’s Tribute to Jazz curated by Inna Rogatchi  is planned being invited to many countries.

Take Eight. Centrepiece of All Blues composition  ( Part 1). Oil on canvas. 86 x 91 cm. 2018.
Memories of You. All Blues Composition. Part 2. Oil on canvas. 100 x 54 cm. 2018.
Swing Me, Brother. All Blues Composition. Part 3. Oil on canvas. 100 x 54 cm. 2018.
Stairways to Heaven. All Blues composition. Part 4. Oil on canvas. 86 x 91 cm. 2019.
Almost Blue. Homage to Chet Baker. All Blues composition. Part 5. Oil on canvas. 75 x 70 cm. 2019.
Etude in Purple. Oil on canvas. 80 x 60 cm. 2017. Private collection, Vienna, Austria.
Black Trombone Variations V. Oil on canvas. 60 x 80 cm. 2017.
Yiddish Tango. Oil on canvas. 80 x 100 cm. 2016.
Tenderly. Oil on canvas. 100 x 80 cm. 2017.
My Love Song. Oil on canvas. 100 x 80 cm. 2016. 
Violet Sax. Oil on canvas. 90 x 60 cm. 2012. Private collection, Italy.
From Nowhere to Nowhere. Oil on canvas. 70 x 50 cm. 1994.
Cotton Club. Oil on canvas. 80 x 73cm. 1993. Private collection. Finland