Yesterday & Tango Memories: Oil Paintings


Music is a prolific theme in Michael’s art, and it was like that from the beginning of his artistic career. The artist’s attitude to music is personified and it is the one of unique qualities of his art works dedicated to music.

In these oil paintings depicting the world of modern music, the artist addresses to the musical legend who are important for him personally, as Sir Paul McCartney who was the one of the formatting people in modern music for Michael, late Leonard Cohen whom Michael had a honour knew personally and maintained warm and cordial relationship with, Tom Waits who is another towering figure for Michael in modern music, or  a legendary actor Alain Delon who is also important figure for the artist as it can be seen from Michael’s both expressive and gentle work dedicated to Delon.

Thus, in his artistic mediation on modern music, Michael has created a gallery of wonderful personalities, great musicians, hugely talented people but also, importantly, special personalities each of whom contributed not only to the cultural development of several generations, but who did impact personal , humanistic and intellectual development of many people.

This is special visioning and portraying the music, and this is Michael’s peculiarity as an artist.

Eternita. Hommage to Maestro Ennio Morricone. Oil on canvas. 90 x 70 cm. 2020-2021. Collection of the Morricone family, Rome, Italy.
 “Yesterday… Tribute to Paul McCartney. Oil on canvas, paper. collage. 80 x 70 cm. 1994.
Kiss Me. Homage to Tom Waits. Diptych. Part 1. Him. Part 2. Her. Oil on canvas.
Each part: 90 x 120 cm. 2012. 
Coda. Oil on canvas. 90 x 120 cm. 2007. Private collection, Luxembourg.
Le Gitane. Homage to Alain Delon. Oil on canvas. 66 x 80 cm. 1996. Permanent Art Collection. Rehabilitation  Centre of the Oncology Society, South-Western Finland.
Blue Sound. Homage to Leonard Cohen. Oil on canvas. 120 x 100 cm. 2010.
La Rose En Florese. Oil on canvas. 120 x 90 cm. 2014.
Can-Can. Oil on canvas. 70 x 50 cm. 1995.