After many years of successful work in theatre as stage and set designer, and some period of work in graphics and book design, Michael Rogatchi started to exhibit, both in Finland, from 1991  onward; and internationally , from 1994 onward. His first international exhibition was in London, at the Burlington New Gallery, in 1994.

Personal exhibitions:

2020, April      – Divertimento-MAHLER, Invited Guest Artist, in a  dual exhibition with Inna Rogatchi. Finnish National Art Event. The European Union Court of Auditors/ The EU Representative Office in Luxembourg/The Finnish Representative Office & Embassy in Luxembourg – one month exhibition.  

2020, February -Fairies’ Dance, + special charitable art event in cooperation with TYKS University Hospital, Children Clinic, Turku, Finland. 

2019, December – January 2020  –  Soul Talk. Invited Guest Artist,  in a dual exhibition with Inna Rogatchi. The Wolfson Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.

2019, June – July                   –  Mozartiana, + special charitable art event for Centre for Art Law, Taylor Graham art gallery, New York, USA.

2019, June                           –  Ecole de Vitebsk and Its Ongoing Echo, Homage to Marc Chagall and the other artists from the Ecole de Paris. Special exhibition, lecture and art presentation. Crossroads of Humanity International Art Symposium, Tel-Aviv University, Israel. 

2019, March                         –   Amadeus Waltz + special art presentation, ISS Institute, Rome, Italy. 

 2018, November                      – Art for Heart. Private preview, in co-operation with the Meilahti Art Foundation, Helsinki, Finland.

2018, March                              –  Zion Waltz. Private preview, in co-operation with the Didrichsen Museum, Helsinki, Finland.

2018, January                           –  Merciful Thoughts. Special exhibition and event, Espoo, Patmos Foundation, Finland.

2017-2018, November – January     –  Melodies of Love ( dual exhibition with Inna Rogatchi), Art Salon Bulevardi, Helsinki, Finland. Charitable exhibition in support of Haifa Home for Elderly for the Holocaust survivors. 3 months.

2017, September                        –  Forefathers. Contemporary Biblical Art. Invited Guest Artist. Art Hall of the Helsinki Synagogue ( one month), Finland.

2017, June                                –  New Piazzolla Round. Private pre-view, St Petersburg, Art Salon of the St Petersburg Academic Philharmonic. Russia.

2017, June                                –  Divertimento. LOFT-Spazio MatEr – special show within the Rome Contemporary Art Festival. Invited Guest Artist. Rome, Italy.

2017, May                                –  The Way of the Jewish Nation, Invited Guest Artist + special international celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Tallinn New Synagogue, Tallinn, Estonia. The Way of the Jewish Nation is on permanent display at the Culture Centre of the Jewish Community of Estonia, Tallinn.

2016–2017, November–February  –  At the Same Time ( dual exhibition with Inna Rogatchi). Divertimento series on classical music. LOFT – Spazio MatEr Art Gallery, Rome, Italy. 3-month exhibition, due to high demand of public and art gallery owner’s request.

2016, May                                – Daily Miracles.Contemporary Jewish Drawings. Art Hall of the Western Marble Arch Synagogue, London, UK ( one month).

2015, August – September        – Libertango. After Piazzolla. Invited Guest-Artist at the International Festival of Jewish Culture. The principal art exhibition in the program. Zagare, Lithuania. The program of the Cultural Capitals of Europe-2015. One month.

2014, October                        – Heeding the Book. Contemporary Biblical Works. Invited Guest Artist. Helsinki Art Crypt, Helsinki Cathedral, Finland ( + special artist’s tour for the public), 30 works, one month.

2014, May – October                  – Jewish Melody. Art Hall of the New Synagogue. Tallinn, Estonia. Invited Guest Artist. 6-month exhibition + special commemorative art event on the 7th anniversary  of the New Synagogue and Culture Centre, Tallinn, Estonia. 

2013-2014, November – April      –  Poetry Pages. The Menorah Memorial Jewish Museum & Art Gallery. Invited Guest Artist ( + special event, with honouring the completion of the restored Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem by the special art work dedicated to that; 6-month exhibition).  

2013 – 2014, September – April – Jewish Melody. Inaugural exhibition. Invited Guest Artist for the official program of the IV International Litvak Congress ( the only solo exhibition in the program). 8-month exhibition, due to the high public demand.

2013, May                            –  Divertimento . Invited Guest Artist. Jewish Children’s Museum, New York. ( + special event, in conjunction with awarding Michael Rogatchi with the Award for the Outstanding Contribution into the Arts and Culture).

2013, January-February      –  1953. Special exhibition ( + special event ). Invited Guest Artist. Laogai Museum, Washington DC, USA ( one month). The works 1953 and Circus Memories are on permanent display at the Laogai Museum. 

2012, November               –   Homage to the Friends. Portraits. Art hall of the Synagogue. Turku, Finland. The portraits were on permanent display at the synagogue for 5 years, after which they are at the permanent art collection of the Finnish Jewish community.

2012, October                    –  Faces of the Holocaust.  Invited Guest-Artist. The Menorah Memorial Jewish Museum, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The Faces of the Holocaust triptych after 2-year permanent display at the Menorah Memorial Jewish Museum is on the permanent display at the historic building, the synagogue of the Rabbi Levi Yitzhak Schneerson, the father of the Lubavicher Rebbe. Currently the house hosts orphanage for Jewish boys.    

2012, September                  –  Amarcord Forever – in co-operation with Inna Rogatchi. In conjunction with, and as special event of the the 69th Venice Film Festival. Palazzo da Mosto/Muti. Venice, Italy ( one month).

2011, December               –  Yiddish Son. Invited Guest Artist at the special inaugural event ( the only one). The  Vilnius Jewish Public Library, Lithuania. Yiddish Son work is on permanent display at the Vilnius Public Jewish Library, the only oil painting on display. The work has been dedicated to the memory of Elie Wiesel in June 2018.

2011, November                  –    Weaved by Light. Romantic Works. Charitable Gala, the Prince’s Trust, London, UK. Private view & Special event. Invited Guest Artist ( the only one).

2011, September                      –   The Patriarchs & the Matriarchs. Inaugural exhibition of The Matriachs part ( 20 works altogether). Synagogue Art Hall. Turku, Finland.

2010-2011, May – March              –  Rogatchi’s Blues.The Life of Two of Us & Melody for Two. Inaugural Exhibition. Palazzo Gioffi-Jacometti, Florence, Italy ( 16 big oil paintings and 10 works in mixed technique; 11 months, prolonged twice due to public and organisers’ request).

2006 – 2007, December-January    –  The Real Dream. The Cork Street Gallery, London, UK ( Retrospective, 65 works, 6 weeks).

2006, June                           –   Dream, Memory, Love. Invited Guest Artist. Etz Chayim Art Gallery. London, UK  ( 45 works, one month) + special charitable event.

2005, March                          –  Dream, Memory, Love. Invited Guest Artist. Il Pitigliano Culture Centre, Rome, Italy (  40 works, one month).

2005, February                      –   Dream, Memory, Love. Invited Guest Artist. Jewish Museum, Florence, Italy ( 40 works, one month).

2004, December                     –   Jerusalem, My Stones. Invited Guest Artist ( + special event at the Municipality of Jerusalem on the occasion of the dedication the special art work for the Permanent Art Collection of the Municipality of Jerusalem).

2004, October-November         –    Dream, Memory, Love. Gerard Behar Culture Centre, Jerusalem, Israel  (65 works, two months, the exhibition was prolonged for one month due to the public  and organisers ( Municipality of Jerusalem) request). The main event for The Rogatchi Foundation International Art Solidarity Action with Israel Against Terror.

2004, August                       –  Dream, Memory, Love. Jewish Culture Centre. Tallinn, Estonia. Invited Guest Artist. ( 25 works, one month).

2004, August                      –  Dream, Memory, Love. National Library, Tallinn, Estonia. Invited Guest Artist. ( 40 works, one month).

2004, July                         – Dream, Memory, Love. Exhibition Hall of the City Council. Invited Guest Artist. Riga, Latvia ( 25 works, one month).

2004, July                         –  Dream, Memory, Love. Museum of Black Brotherhood. Riga, Latvia. Invited Guest Artist ( 40 works, one month).

2004, June                          – Dream, Memory, Love. Retrospective. Invited Guest Artist. Rathouse Main Exhibition Hall, Vilnius, Lithuania ( 65 works, one month).

2004, May                          – Dream, Memory, Love. Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw. Invited Guest Artist.  ( 40 works, one month).

2004, April                        – Dream, Memory, Love. Jewish Heritage Centre, Oswiencim, Poland ( + master-classes on reflection of the Holocaust in art). Invited Guest Artist ( 20 works, one month). 

2004, April                      –  Dream, Memory, Love. Krakow, Judaica Centre. Invited Guest Artist ( 40 works, one month).

2003, August                     –   BOLERO. Private preview-show, in co-operation with Purppura Art Gallery, Turku, Finland.

1999, March – May              –   Love Story ( 30 works, 6 weeks). Moikkonen Art Centre, Turku, Finland.

1997, January                   –  L’Amore. Retrospective exhibition ( 50 works, one month). The only exhibition of the living artist in the largest culture venue of the Northern Europe to the date.

1996, August                       –  She. Romantic paintings. Topelius –Mosabacka Art Gallery, Helsinki, Finland ( one month).

1995, April-May                  –   Jewish Way, Espoo Theatre, Espoo, Finland – first ever exhibition on Jewish theme in Finland (one month);

1993, September-October    –   Back Side of the Moon. Retrospective.( 40 works, 5 weeks), Purppura Art Gallery, Naantali, Finland.

1991-1992, December – January   – New Works. Pikku Vihrea Art Gallery, Turku, Finland ( 20 works).  

Group exhibitions:

2022, April – ‘I’, CICA Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Art, South Korea.

2022, February – March – Abstract Mind 2022, CICA Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Art, South Korea.

2021, November-December – The Design Biennial of Peru & World Poster Forum, Peru.

 2019, June-July – Special Art Exhibition in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Law for Art Centre, Taylor Graham Art Gallery, New York, USA

2019, June  –       Special Art Event in commemoration of the 10th anniversary, Law for Art Centre, New York, USA

2017, October           – Contemporary Art Rome Festival, Rome, Italy, represented by LOFT-Spazio MatEr art gallery Rome, Italy 

2017, June              –  Contemporary Art Rome Festival, Rome, Italy, represented by LOFT-Spazio MatEr art gallery Rome, Italy

2017, June               –  Exhibition of the Finalists, the IX Edition of the Il Volo di Pegaso Italian National Arts & Literature Award, LOFT-Spazio MatEr art gallery, Rome, Italy 

2011, November      –   Special art exhibition, event and charitable auction, The Prince’s Trust, London, UK

2004, January           –  International Art Fair, London, UK

2002, February          –  Annual Art Event Exhibition, the London Jewish Museum of Arts, Ben Uri Museum, London, UK

2001, March              –  New Acquisitions Exhibition, the London Jewish Museum of Arts, Ben Uri Museum, London, UK 

2000-2001, December – January –  Exhibition of donations and new acquisitions,  The Jewish Museum of Art, Ben Uri Art Gallery and Museum, London, UK

1995-1996, December – January  – The Finalists Exhibition, Ben Uri & WIZO UK British National Art Event, Ben Uri Art Gallery & Museum, London, UK

1995, September      – Inaugural Exhibition, Ben Uri Cultural Society, London, UK

1995, May – August      – Summer Exhibition, Purppura art gallery, Naantali, Finland

1995, June – August     –  Summer Exhibition, Oljemark art gallery, Helsinki, Finland 

1995, March – April       – From The Different Sides, Foreign Artists in Finland, Vernica art gallery, Vantaa,  Finland

1995, February – March  –  From The Different Sides, Foreign Artists in Finland, Porvoo, Art Hall, Finland

1994, October             – XL-ART, Finnish painters Forum, Turku, Finland

1994, September         – Inaugural Exhibition, Burlington New Gallery, London, UK

1994, May  – August     –  Summer Exhibition, Purppura Art Gallery, 

Naantali, Finland

1994, April                 –  Art & Antik, International Art Fair, Turku, Finland 

1993, May -August       –  Summer Exhibition, Purppura Art Gallery, Naantali, Finland

1992, May – August      –   Summer Exhibition, Purppura Art Gallery, Naantali, Finland