Michael Rogatchi’s Artwork is exhibited at the Peru Design Biennial in Lima

Michael Rogatchi’s exclusive art poster have been selected by the top international jury to the Final of the celebrating Peru Design Biennial 2021 and is exhibited at the splendid Santo-Domingo Museum in Lima. 

The Peru Design Biennial is the largest art Biennale in both Americas. This year, it is also celebrating event marking the 200th anniversary of Peru Independence. 

The Jury for the Peru Biennial Poster exhibition was comprised of the famous professionals, including Jan Rajlich, Finn Nygaard, Niklaus Troxler, Kye-Soo Myung and the others.

The jury selected Finalists’ works from 95, 972 entries by 65, 980 artists.  465 ( 0,48%) works in ten categories by the artists from 60 countries were selected. Michael along with his wife artist Inna Rogatchi are the only artists from Finland , and the artistic couple represents its country with pleasure and joy.

Michael Rogatchi’s work  presented at the art poster category is an exclusive Homage to Leonard Cohen art poster dedicated to the great musician and reflecting on the artist’s works dedicated to his dear friend. 

Michael Rogatchi (C). Homage to Leonard Cohen. Exclusive art poster. 100 x 70 cm. 2021.

The artwork is exhibited currently at the massive Peru Design Biennial 2021 exhibition organised at the splendid Santo-Domingo Museum in Peru’s capital Lima. 

The exhibition is very well attended, with participation of the top government officials at its opening, many events organised and a lot of public showing high interest towards colourful, interesting and highly qualified exhibition. 

The exhibition at the Santo-Domingo Museum and events of the Peru Design Biennial 2016 are on display from December 3 to December 15, 2021.

Essay About Michael Rogatchi’s Ushpizim series published in Israel, France and the USA

Inna Rogatchi’s Ushpitzim In Art: Modern Look: Michael Rogatchi Art & Aesthetic of a Modern-Day Spirituality essay featuring Michael Rogatchi’s Ushpizim art series has been published at The Times of Israel, the Tribune Juive, and The JerUSAlem Connection Report in September 2021.

Michael Rogatchi (C). David’s Shofar. 2020.

The essay in full can be read on this site in the Reviews pages, here .

Michael Rogatchi’s Homages to Leonard Cohen exclusive art poster to participate at the Peru Design Biennale 2021

Michael Rogatchi’s Homages to Leonard Cohen exclusive art poster will participate at the Peru Design Biennale 2021, the largest design Biennale in the both of Americas. The Biennale 2021 commemorates the 200th anniversary of Peru’s Independence and is organised under the auspices of the UN and its cultural programs. 

Michael’s exclusive art poster was selected by a top international jury from almost 13 000 artworks presented. 

Homages to Leonard Cohen represents several original artworks of the artist created in different time, from 2004 through 2017, and in different techniques, oil paintings and works on paper, all dedicated to the great Leonard Cohen whom the artist knew personally. 

Among the five works depicted in the exclusive art poster ( 120 x 70 cm, 2021), one work belongs to Leonard Cohen private collection. After the musician’s passing, it is still in his estate and is with the family. The other work was created by Michael as a result  of him visiting Leonard Cohen’s concert in Florence back in 2010, the work was known to Leonard. One more  work was created by the artist as his personal reflection on the great man’s passing.  

Michael’s work will represent Finland at this largest in Americas Design Biennale to be organised in Lima in November – December 2021. 

Michael Rogatchi’s metaphorical expressionist works at ‘I’ exhibition in South Korea

Five works by Michael Rogatchi will be exhibited at ‘I’ exhibition at the top CICA Museum in South Korea in April 2022. 

The exhibition will explore the visualisation of ‘I’ concept from different angles, views and techniques. Michael Rogatchi’s works were invited by the leadership of the CICA museum and curators of this interesting conceptual exhibition due to their impressiveness, originality of concept and imagery, deep and human  metaphors, and mastery of the artist’s craft. 

Michael Rogatchi selected to show at this exhibition the works  created throughout his artistic career, from Cognition, the one of his first oil paintings, to the new version of his well-known Yesterday rendition. The works represent Michael’s various series and collections, such as his portfolio of metaphorical works ( Cognition, Clean Page), Daily Miracles collection ( Childhood), as well as his works dedicated to music and its artistic visual interpretation ( Yesterday, and Breakthrough from the artist’s famed Libertango. Homage to Piazzolla series). 

CICA Museum is one of the top international art museums, with its own concept, high professionalism , and dynamic interest in contemporary art. 

The ‘I’ exhibition at CICA Museum will take place in April 6-24, 2022.

Michael Rogatchi to participate in the Abstract Mind 2022 international art exhibition in South Korea

Michael Rogatchi’s artworks to be shown at the Abstract Mind 2022 international exhibition at the CICA Museum in South Korea.

Michael Rogatchi will participate in the Abstract Mind 2022 international art exhibition at the CICA Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Art, in South Korea. 

CICA Museum is a well-known art institution which was established in the mid-1990s and started to operate from 2006 onward. The Museum started as the studio and gallery of the leading Korean contemporary sculptor Czong ho Kim who was studying, working and exhibiting also in New York, Los-Angeles and Geneva. From that starting point, the international dimension of the museum was started and developed. The Museum is well-known due to its numerous international projects with American, in particular, New York based museums and art institutions. 

Interior of the CICA Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Art, South Korea. (C) Courtesy: CICA Museum.

Abstract Mind 2022 is a customary CICA Museum international multidisciplinary exhibition in which the works in various genres of contemporary art render the main theme.  

To participate in this exhibition, Michael undertook his artistic analysis and examination of his previous works,  such as his well-known The Wheel of Fortune or Origination of Life works, as well as created new works for this exhibition specifically, such as Collage in Orange or new version of White on White, Memoir Sketch work. Five of Michael’s artworks will be present at the exhibition at the CICA Museum in South Korea. 

Exterior of the CICA Museum complex, the Institute of Contemporary Art, South Korea. (C) Courtesy: CICA Museum.

 Michael’s wife, artist  Inna Rogatchi,  also will be participating in the Abstract Mind 2022 exhibition with his works. It will be another international ‘joint show’ of the Rogatchi family, after their successful At the Same Time dual exhibition in Rome, Italy. 

The exhibition will take place from February 23d  till March 13th, 2022. 


The publication of The Ancestors Families series in Michael Rogatchi Art continues

Essay by Inna Rogatchi about the depicting the Isaac Family by Michael Rogatchi in his contemporary Biblical series has been published internationally. This is continuation of The Ancestors Family in art series analysing Michael’s interpretation of the main Biblical families in detail. The essay in full can be read  here.


The Abraham Family in Pictures, the first of the The Ancestor Families series of art essays, analyses Michael Rogatchi’s rendering of the Biblical Abraham, Sarah and Isaac

In her new The Ancestor Families series of art essays, Inna Rogatchi analyses the background and vision of Michael Rogatchi’s artistic interpretation of the main Biblical families in his contemporary Biblical art. The essay is dedicated to the memory of Michael and Inna Rogatchi’s fried, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, who had passed away suddenly in November 2020. The essay has been also published in Tribune Juive in France. The essay in full can be read here.


Michael Rogatchi’s special artwork tribute to his friend, the great Rabbi and educator

Michael Rogatchi’s Moses Hour original artwork has been published in the tribute to the late Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks who had died tragically early losing his short battle with aggressive cancer in London. The artwork in question belong to Rabbi Sacks and his family. The full text of the tribute can be read here. The tribute published for the first time at The Times of Israel, has been widely re-printed by The Israel National News, The JerUSAlem Connection Report, Tribune Juive.


Michael Rogatchi’s well-known Paganini Dream artwork is a part of a special concert at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland

On November 3, 2020, violinist class of well-known soloist and teacher, prof. Päivyt Meller of Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland gave a special concert with all ten students performing all 24 Caprices by Niccolo Paganini. In this class, there are students from many countries, with several of them have been already winning several top international prizes and awards. Michael Rogatchi’s well-known Paganini Dream artwork has become a visit card of that special concert. It has been chosen as the concert’s poster, its invitation, and was present during the very special recital in Helsinki, to the joy of all present there, both the soloists, their teacher, and the audience.

Young but very promising violinist talent Adrian Ibanez-Resjan who owns Michael’s work ( he was presented it by the artist at the Rogatchi Foundation Humanist of the Year Award 2019 event in Turku, Finland in February 2020) recently won the right to play on the rare Stradivarius instrument from the collection of the Sibelius Academy. On the photo, Adrian is with his Stradivarius and Michael’s work:

The work in closer detail can be seen here:

Michael Rogatchi (C). Paganini Dream I. Indian ink, oil pastel on hand-made Italian cotton paper. 50 x 35 cm. 2020. Adrian Ibanez-Resjan collection, Finland.


Motif of joy and devotion in the essay on Michael Rogatchi’s contemporary spiritual art

In her new essay The Beauty of Emotion, Inna Rogatchi analyses the motif of devotion and joy in Michael Rogatchi contemporary spiritual art. The essay spanning from Michael’s drawings to his works in oil, and it focuses on his fine and innovative view in rendering most delicate and introvert of human emotions. The essay in full can bread here.