Michael Rogatchi artwork is donated in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Library of the Helsinki Jewish Community, Finland

On September 9th, Michael Rogatchi and his wife Inna Rogatchi participated in a warm, interesting and important event in Helsinki, Finland, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Library of the Helsinki Jewish Community.

In commemoration of the date, the artist donated to the library a museum giclee produced in only copy of his famous Heeding the Book painting:

Michael Rogatchi (C). Heeding the Book. Oil on canvas. 1995. Forefathers collection.

At very well attended event, with presence of the Israeli Ambassador and The Head of the Mission to Finland , many leading Finnish intellectuals and academics, prominent members of the Helsinki Jewish Community, and foreign guests from Sweden, Italy, the UK and Israel Michael Rogatchi donated the museum replica of his artwork to the librarian Jutta Leffkowitsch and told briefly about the history and background of this special artwork.

In his speech, the artist remembered the essential importance of a subject of a book to his family, to every Jewish family, to Jewish tradition. He enlightened the public with reflections to his family story in which reading books for gathered family, friends and guests was a nightly tradition for years. Often, the books were read aloud in the light of a candles or oil lamps, in the absence of electricity. It is significant and always unique how children’s memories are appearing in adult’s creative works many years later.

Everybody present at the special event was highly appreciative to the artist for his gesture. The donated artwork will be placed on the new wall which the Helsinki community builds for the Library.

“There is everything in this fantastic work of Art: knowledge, curiosity, enlightening, attraction to intellectual power, spirituality. There is no doubt that this painting will stay in and with Helsinki Jewish community for good, in generations” – said in appreciation Paula Hovav, a senior community member.

New Limited Edition Exclusive Art cards from Michael Rogatchi art series for art charitable campaign 2022/2023

Opening a new activity season 2022/2023, Michael Rogatchi has successfully cooperated with The Rogachi Foundation in creation of new artistic products for the Foundation new art charitable campaign 2022/2023. Additionally to our new From Bach to Baker art calendar for 2023, The Foundation and the artist have produced two sets of charming, fine and elegant limited & exclusive edition of museum double-cards featuring the artworks from new Michael’s series: 

Set 1: Sound – in – Line series, 6 horizontally-oriented double-cards, 12 x 17 cm.

As our audience is aware of, the artist and The Foundation never repeat their art products which are produced just once, and that’s why are collectible and unique.

Set 2: From Bach to Baker, 6 vertically-oriented museum double-cards, 17 x 12 cm. 

All cards are coming with envelopes. 
Price for each set ( 6 double-cards with envelopes) – Eur 18.00Price for both sets ( or two sets)                                   – Eur  35.00

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As part of The Rogatchi Foundation From Bach to Baker art charitable campaign 2022/2023, the art cards sales proceeds go to support the new TYKS Children Hospital and help with installation of the art collection which the Foundation have donated to them.  

We will be happy to post the cards along with the From Bach to Baker collectible art calendar 2023 if you would like to combine  or update your orders. 

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New collectible From Bach to Baker art calendar 2023 for charitable campaign in a new season 2022/2023

Opening a new season 2022/2023, The Rogatchi Foundation has created a Limited & exclusive edition of new collectible Art Calendar 2023 featuring Michael Rogatchi From Bach to Baker new art series of radiant works dedicated to music:

The works in the calendar are all new, Michael has created them this and last year, those are two of his newest art series. They were not published before. Most of the works are in private collections in Europe and Mexico. 

As always, the collectible art calendar is a charitable campaign of The Rogatchi Foundation. This year, the proceeds from the art calendar will be used for support of the new TYKS children’s hospital in Turku and for helping to install a new art collection which The Rogachi Foundation have donated to them. 

If our audience would like very kindly to consider some additional contribution to The Rogatchi Foundation to support this new From Bach to Baker charitable art campaign 2022-2023, based on the new artworks of Michael Rogatchi, it would be wonderful and we will be very grateful for that. 

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