There are some particular works in that more than 50-piece retrospective exhibition that make an exceptional impact.

Over and over again one returns to The Final Solution portraying the tragedy of the Holocaust with the same open love and clear strength as the Schindler’s List movie does.

My favourite painting is Lullaby. Portrait of the Artist’s Mother, which happens to be a portrait of Michael’s mother. There is certainly Chagall’s inheritance in that wonderful work, which literally embraces you with its’ light and gentleness.

In this work especially, but throughout the entire exhibition one can see how many different images Love can produce.

April Light. Oil on canvas. 100 x 100 cm. 1997. The Rogatchi Art Collection.

And leaving the Tampere Hall, one can be positive that for Michael Rogatchi, despite all tragedies in his life, Images, first and foremost mean Love.

Matti Posio, Finland.