Introduction by Burlington Gallery, London, the UK

The Art of Michael Rogatchi

Michael Rogatchi (C). Backstage. In memory of Juhan Viiding. 1994.

Artistic manner of Michael Rogatchi who is working in figurative contemporary art, can be described as metaphorical expressionism. His paintings are noteworthy because of the combination of deep inner thoughts with expressionistic solutions.

His special vision of space is a result of his intensive experience in theatre, where he used to work as set- and stage designer. Initially his works has been influenced by a magic of theatre. In Rogatchi’s paintings, sensation of space can be intriguingly multi-dimensional. Motion is undoubtedly essential in his paintings and makes them full of dramatic displays of a complex world, seemingly being in-born for the artist.

One of the most attractive features of Michael Rogatchi’s art is the way he did find for his expression, by combining an established classic manner of portraying a subject with modern dynamic motion and unpredictable use of colour. Both good school and modern thinking are happily co-existing in his works.

The article for the catalogue of the inauguration exhibition at The New Burlington Gallery, London, the UK.