Michael Rogatchi and His Jewish Way series and exhibition

Michael Rogatchi (C). Next Year In Jerusalem. Jewish Mother. 1994.

The Jewish theme is a very personal one for the artist. And his interpretation of that theme evokes great co-excitement in such works as Family SupperMy Stones. Jerusalem, and Portrait of Osip Mandelshtam. In exploring these themes, Michael Rogatchi shows a deep knowledge of history, religion and culture of his people. His Jewish cycle is an organic portrayal of his own spiritual heritage.

The rare thing about Rogatchi’s paintings is that memory can still be alive on his canvases. That kind of memory demands a serious constant effort from the public as well. A deep humanity is an essential aspect of Michael Rogatchi’s art. Apart from his strong intellectual message, his art is full of attentive and carrying love.

Tarja Pasi, Introduction to Michael Rogatchi’s Jewish Way exhibition in Finland.