Leading Polish art historian: Rogatchi’s King David is unique in history of art.

Michael Rogatchi (C). “Absalom, My Son!..” King David. 2003.

In his paintings, Michael Rogatchi shows classic characters in a powerful and extraordinary way: the suffering of his King David in Absalom, my son!… King David is powerfully transmitted to the audience; in his work, King David is portrayed in the unique way in the history of art.

Michael Rogatchi’s Moses is everything we know about this great figure and clearly is a person contradicting many outside and inside challenges.  His Dancer in The Dance is a rare combination of an eternal tradition given to us in quite a modern way. This is rare in the contemporary art combination of power and expression, depth of thought and elegance and class of its reaching to a viewer. 

Iwona Brzewska, Art historian, chief curator of the Permanent Art Collection, Jewish Historical  Institute, Warsaw, Poland.