MICHAEL ROGATCHI’S ART in Art & History publication


Michael Rogatchi’s powerful art on importance of artistic analysing of history and artistic and human protest against totalitarianism were was published in a special publication analysing current international development , in the discussion of article by prolific writer Cyntia Ozik in the Wall Stree Journal , USA. In particular, two of Michael’s art works were published as ‘a moral anti-dote to destructive tendencies of totalitarianism’, Shattered Generation ( 1991) and Kolyma ( 1992) . 

While Shattered Generation is well-known art work which has been published many times and which did belong to the private collection of close friend of Michael and Inna Rogatchi, famous Soviet dissident, late writer Vladimir Bukovsky , the second work in the current publication had been published for the first time despite the artist created it back in 1992. “The work is so powerful and it also was quite personal to me, giving the circumstances of my life, that I did not publish, or exhibited it before, – said the artist. – However, the recent turbulences in the world with high potence of pro-totalitarian essence in it had made me to publish this powerful work for the first time, almost thirty years after its creation. I hope it will serve as a proper warning to the people”, – commented Michael Rogatchi. 

The publication indeed has become quite popular, with many people providing a very positive and understanding comments on it and the graphically anti-totalitarian art by Michael.