Michael Rogatchi’s artworks are featured at the Abstract Mind 2022 exhibition in South Korea

Five of Michael Rogatchi’s artworks are featured at  the Abstract Mind 2022 international art exhibition at the CICA Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Art, in South Korea. 

Michael’s works at this exhibition represent the selection of  new graphic works by the artist based on his well-known works of metaphorical expressionism, many of them belonging to notable European public and private art collections. 

This selection can be seen in the introductory video:

According to the exhibition catalogue: 

Michael’s five works presented at the Abstract Mind 2022 exhibitions are philosophical works in which the fundamental questions of life are addressed in an artistic way: what is the origin of life? ( Origination of Life work), what is the essence of our memory? ( Memory Sketch. White on White work). How is nature reflecting on itself ( Earth Mediation work). What is the Wheel of Fortune, both literally and metaphorically ( The Wheel of Fortune work). All these four prints were made as special modern versions based on Michael’s original oil paintings with the same names. 

Work Collage in Orange brings the theme of importance of colour both in life and art. This work was created in 2021 as a graphic work, and it is based on the background fragments of Michael’s well-known BOLERO composition of oil works. 

The images of all these works are original and special creations of the artist, the metaphors which he originated and created both visually and as a metaphorical image and message. The powerful coloristic of the works adds to their captivating power”. 

CICA Museum, The Institute of Contemporary Art. South Korea. (C) CICA Museum.

At the exhibition, 66 artworks by 33 artists are presented. Apart from Michael, five works are exhibited only by his wife Inna Rogatchi and one South Korean artist. Among those international artists, 13 of them are from South Korea, six are from the United States, with the rest are artists from Canada, Mexico, Argentina, India, Russia, Switzerland, Israel, Greece, Italy, Poland and Finland. Michael and his wife  Inna Rogatchi are the only representatives of Finland at the exhibition. 

CICA Museum is a well-known art institution which was established in the mid-1990s and started to operate from 2006 onward. The Museum started as the studio and gallery of the leading Korean contemporary sculptor Czong ho Kim who was studying, working and exhibiting also in New York, Los-Angeles and Geneva. From that starting point, the international dimension of the museum was started and developed. The Museum is well-known due to its numerous international projects with American, in particular, New York based museums and art institutions. 

Interior of the CICA Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Art, South Korea. (C) Courtesy: CICA Museum.

Abstract Mind 2022 is a customary CICA Museum international multidisciplinary exhibition in which the works in various genres of contemporary art render the main theme.  

Exterior of the CICA Museum complex, the Institute of Contemporary Art, South Korea. (C) Courtesy: CICA Museum.

Michael’s wife, artist Inna Rogatchi, also participates in the Abstract Mind 2022 exhibition with her works. It is another ‘joint show’ of the Rogatchi family, after their successful At the Same Time dual exhibition in Rome, Italy. 

The exhibition is on display  from February 23nd  till March 13th, 2022. 

More detail is on the CICA Museum site  – https://cicamuseum.com/abstract-mind-2022/