Michael Rogatchi’s metaphorical expressionist works at ‘I’ exhibition in South Korea

Five works by Michael Rogatchi will be exhibited at ‘I’ exhibition at the top CICA Museum in South Korea in April 2022. 

The exhibition will explore the visualisation of ‘I’ concept from different angles, views and techniques. Michael Rogatchi’s works were invited by the leadership of the CICA museum and curators of this interesting conceptual exhibition due to their impressiveness, originality of concept and imagery, deep and human  metaphors, and mastery of the artist’s craft. 

Michael Rogatchi selected to show at this exhibition the works  created throughout his artistic career, from Cognition, the one of his first oil paintings, to the new version of his well-known Yesterday rendition. The works represent Michael’s various series and collections, such as his portfolio of metaphorical works ( Cognition, Clean Page), Daily Miracles collection ( Childhood), as well as his works dedicated to music and its artistic visual interpretation ( Yesterday, and Breakthrough from the artist’s famed Libertango. Homage to Piazzolla series). 

CICA Museum is one of the top international art museums, with its own concept, high professionalism , and dynamic interest in contemporary art. 

The ‘I’ exhibition at CICA Museum will take place in April 6-24, 2022.