Homage to Leonard Cohen, International Project, from 2019 onward

Fingerprints is special  international project in memory of Leonard Cohen. Michael Rogatchi participates in this project together with his wife Inna Rogatchi who is the author of the project and its curator. 

Michael’s participation in the project is creating special art works dedicated to Leonard Cohen, as a part of forthcoming commemorating international exhibition.

Leonard Cohen. (C) Open Internet Library.

For Michael Rogatchi, the project commemorating Leonard Cohen is personal endeavour. Inna and Michael knew Leonard well, and maintained contact with him for years. Leonard did like and supported Michael’s art very much and his attention, understanding and friendship were fundamentally important for the artist. 

One of Michael’s works, Zion Waltz, belonged to Leonard Cohen, and now is with Leonard’s family.

Michael Rogatchi (C). Zion Waltz. 2013.

During the years, Michael has created several artistic homages to the person whom he loved dearly, and whom he calls ‘the real Cohen’. For this project, the artist creates some new works in commemoration of unique man, Leonard Cohen. 

The project that combines efforts of many people and several institutions from different countries, includes exhibition, film, lectures and special events in several countries.