Art & Spirituality Project, from 2019 onward

Soul Talk is the project that combines art and spirituality in its frame. Michael Rogatchi works on this project together with his wife Inna Rogatchi. The artistic couple is examining via creating their each own original images, different pattern of Jewish heritage. 

Within the frame of Soul Talk project, while Inna Rogatchi’s artwork concentrate on Jewish thought and mind, Michael Rogatchi focused on artistic examination of Jewish soul and heart. Combined, the both directions of artistic efforts created a comprehensive picture of spirituality and its perception by people.

Inna and Michael Rogatchi at special art event and presentation in Rome, Italy. June 2018 . (C) The Rogatchi Archive

Also combined in the project are both traditional and modern approach and perspectives, creating the expanded view and vitality of tradition. 

Michael’s works in this project are continuation of his previous Jewish Melody and Daily Miracles series on artistic interpretation of Jewish heritage. 

Soul Talk project includes curated exhibitions, publications, lectures, special events, Artist Talks, Q&A.