Artistic & Intellectual Interpretation of the Old Testament, from 2017 onward

BEAUTY IN THE TORAH ( C), (R) is a ongoing project of collaboration between Michael Rogatchi and his wife Inna in their join artistic and intellectual interpretation of the Torah ( the Old Testament). According to the curators and consultants of the project, it is the very first time when such concept is applied to the elaborative intellectual study with following artistic exploration and interpretation.

Michael Rogatchi with Ambassador of Finland H.E. Antero Haikkonen at the special presentation of the Art & Spirituality project in Tallinn. (C) Michael Rogatchi Archive.

Artistic couple of Inna and Michael Rogatchi has started to work on this big project in 2017.The project includes methodic detailed research of the Torah, and creating artistic interpretation of the most important book and moral code in history. 

The project includes meticulous scientific analyses of the text of the Torah and creation of numerous illustrations by both Inna and Michael Rogatchi to all five books of the Torah made from that point of this new and innovative concept. The special university course The Beauty in the Torah (C), (R), is based on this research and wealth of original art material. 

It also include special publications, exhibitions, lectures, Artists’sTalks, panels, master-classes and art documentary.