Artistic Visual Interpretation of Traditions of Classical Music, from 2015 onward

Michael Rogatchi plays on several musical instruments, including piano, accordion, guitar and the others. He grew up in strong and deep tradition of classical music which was very important for his family. He believes that music is a primary mean of the human expression when it comes to emotions, reflections, and feelings. Thus the cosmos created by music, classical music in particular, is the formatting environment for a human being. 

Music is vital for Michael for his artistic work, as well. He always listens to music when working on his art pieces. Michael loves many kinds of music, with classical music having a very special place in his world, not only due to the way he was brought up, but also because he is deeply interested and knows well history, and he believes in strength and vitality of best traditions of humanitarian heritage, in which music, and classical music is the one of essential bricks of the foundation of civilisation and civility.

Michael Rogatchi with his wife Inna, maestro Evgeny Kissin and his mother Mrs Emilia Kissin at the special presentation of Michael’s Divertimento project in New York. 2015 (C) Michael Rogatchi Archive.

Michael favourite composer is Mozart, and he has created an unique image of his Amadeus which has become the topic of many of his works, both in oil and drawings which assembled into the rare Mozartiana collections of works – please consult  Mozartiana  Collection page on this site. 

His other favourite composers are Vivaldi, the composers of Italian Baroque, Chopin and many others. With his deep and wide knowledge of music and perceiving music as essential environment for a human being, Michael has decided to create a special series of works examining the traditions of classical music and devoted entirely to it. As far as we and our partnering curators are  aware, there is no other series like that exist in contemporary figurative art. 

With creating Divertimento series and other related art works with original imagenary dedicated to classical music, Michael Rogatchi also embarked on a special cultural educational project examining his artistic interpretation of the traditions of classical music and discussing it with his viewers.

Michael Rogatchi’s art works on classical music at the special presentation event in New York. 2015. (C) Michael Rogatchi Archive.

The project includes special publications, exhibitions, discussions, special art events combining exhibitions and lectures, Artist’s Talk and Questions and Answers, and panels with participation of great musicians and writers. 

Divertimento project also has become a part of the Leonardo Forum activities that conducts various nternational panels and cultural events on symbiosis of arts, culture, science  and medicine.

Divertimento project that has started in 2015 have had its various stages organised in many countries, including Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Israel, the UK. It continues to be developed and applied at various cultural forums in many countries.